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Mike and Dogs
Can I bring my own dog? 
Yes, you can bring your own dog.

Do you have kennels? 
Yes, we do have heated kennels for your dogs to use.

Do you have dogs at the lodge? 
Yes, our guides do have dogs to work with you on the hunt as well.

Are the hunts guided? 
Yes, we always have at least one guide per group who keeps the hunt organized and under control. 

How do I purchase my license? What does a license cost?
Licenses can be purchased at most convenience stores or online at the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website. 
  • Non-resident 10 day small game licenses are $114
  • non-resident youth (ages 12-15) small game licenses are $27.00
  • non-resident shooting preserve licenses are 
        - $37 for a one day 
        - $67 for a 5 day
        - $87 for season long. 

Do I need a hunter's safety card to purchase a license?
Not unless you are under the age of 16. Then, you need a previous license from the state of South Dakota or a hunter's safety card and a parent or guardian must sign the license. 

Are the hunts safe?
We have a safety meeting before each hunt in which our safety rules are explained. The guides carefully watch gun handling and shooting. Any individual who does not follow these rules will be removed from the hunting party. Shooting glasses are recommended and available at the lodge. 

Do I need blaze orange clothing? 
State law does not require it but our policy does require you to wear blaze orange.  Preferably both a vest and a hat.  Shooting glasses are recommended and available at the lodge. 
Do you have a place I can shoot targets?
Yes, we have a 5 station trap range set up for you to use.

What type of cover do you hunt? 
We will hunt a mix of cropland, grasses, CRP, trees, milo, corn and food plots. 

Do you hunt private or public land? 
We hunt only private land that we have exclusive hunting rights to. 

Do I need to bring towels or food?
We provide all linens. You don't need to bring any towels or bedding. Hunts also include ALL meals.

Can I bring my children? 
The minimum hunting age is 12, so if a parent feels the child can handle a firearm and is safe, we usually let them hunt.

How soon do I need to book the hunt? 
The sooner the better. Early season hunts are booked up 10-12 months ahead of time. 

How do we get our game home?
We will pack up a cooler for you to take with you, or it can be shipped overnight for an extra fee. 

Do you offer taxidermy services? 
Yes. We can take your trophy to a local taxidermist for you, and it will be shipped back to you when it's finished. 
Do you offer bird cleaning & freezing services?
Yes.  We will take care of cleaning and freezing your birds for your trip home at NO additional charge.
If you have other questions, please give us a call at 605-835-9352 or 605-830-1367, or e-mail us at